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    9782861985412 - Roth, Vergil: How to Draw Animals
    Roth, Vergilsearch

    How to Draw Animalssearch

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    ISBN: 9782861985412search bzw. 2861985410, vermutlich in Englisch, Vergil Roth, neu.

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    Get drawing skills in a simple and easy way! Our activity book is perfect for teaching children how to draw, and they'll soon be adapting drawings and making their own freehand drawings. Ideal for junior artists aged 5+. This book contains 76 pages with 38 animals to copy on the adjacent page. It is very easy to do this once each picture and page contains a grid table. The simple line illustrations allow children to draw with confidence. Each animal has a loving design that is sure to captivate your child for a long time. Drawing activities can be a fun part of your child's development, they help improve fine motor skills, encourage concentration and cultivate creativity. Get this perfect gift for your junior artists! Our "How to Draw Cute Animals" book has the following features: Large 8.5 x 11 inch format; Large print images; Professional quality illustrations; Printed on 60 lb. glossy white paper; Premium color cover. Our drawing books are frequently one of our most gifted items.
    Kategorie: Buch Buch > Kinder- & Jugendliteratur > Sachbücher > Tiere, Pflanzen, Natur & Umwelt
    Schlüsselwörter: How to Draw Animals;Roth, Vergil;9782861985412
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    ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 2-86198-541-0, 978-2-86198-541-2