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    9781552546963 - Heidi Betts: Bedded Then Wed (Silhouette Desire)
    Heidi Bettssearch

    Bedded Then Wed (Silhouette Desire) (2006)search

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    ISBN: 9781552546963search bzw. 1552546969, in Englisch, 192 Seiten, Silhouette Desire, neu, E-Book, elektronischer Download.

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    Wealthy rancher Mitch Ramsey had never given much of a second look to his neighbor Emma Davis, until an unexpected encounter led to a night of unbridled passion. Mitch figured their affair could be a discreet diversion, one they had both gone into with eyes wide-open. Then Emma's father made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Marry Emma and Mitch would inherit what he had always coveted—the entire Davis ranch. But Emma was never to know…. , Kindle Edition, Format: Kindle eBook, Étiquette: Silhouette Desire, Silhouette Desire, Groupe de produits: eBooks, Publié: 2006-11-01, Date de sortie: 2006-11-01, Studio: Silhouette Desire, Vente de rang: 198840.
    Schlüsselwörter: Books, Romance, Contemporary, Kindle Store, Kindle eBooks, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary Fiction
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    ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 1-55254-696-9, 978-1-55254-696-3