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    9781457525117 - Marshall Schield: Dow 85000! Aim Higher!
    Marshall Schieldsearch

    Dow 85000! Aim Higher!search

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    ISBN: 9781457525117search bzw. 1457525119, in Englisch, Dog Ear Publishing, neu.

    Back in early 2000 when record highs were being made daily, money was easy, brokerage ads were touting 'owning your own island from day trading', etc, if someone had told you that the party was over, and for the next decade stocks would lose money, would you have listened? Probably not, you would have considered the advice as coming from someone out of touch. Of course, that advice would have been right on. So do not be quick in prejudging the title, the authors have a proven track record of market calls and the data supporting a Dow 85,000 by 2030. The market moves in long term cycles of underperformance followed by over performance. The decade of poor performance is behind us.
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    ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 1-4575-2511-9, 978-1-4575-2511-7