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    9781090751133 - Kaya: Return to Freedom P.H. Hardy Author

    Kaya: Return to Freedom P.H. Hardy Author (2019)search

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    ISBN: 9781090751133search bzw. 1090751133, vermutlich in Englisch, Independently published, Taschenbuch, neu.

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    ☆☆☆ Order the Paperback and get the eBook for FREE ☆☆☆There's No freedom, No Mercy, and No Escape from the City of Abbai. Join Kaya and people of Abbai and witness the rise of heroes in this dark and thrilling sci-fi fantasy adventureNobody Escapes the Fate of The AbbaiLeaving her friends behind, Kaya embarks on a journey of discovery that quickly becomes a desperate situation. Trapped in a city of Killers, Kaya must find a way to escape with her life, but her compassion for others proves a costly weakness. As a succession of merciless adversaries threaten to trade, enslave, or destroy them, Kaya must find the strength to take on such a heavy burden, the ground beneath her feet literally gives way. Armoured warriors, cunning and treacherous egos, and the mighty throne of Abbai prove too much for even the strongest hero in this dark, action packed sci-fi fantasy adventure.Take your first steps into the incredible Tales of Arca (Series)Arca, the third planet to be created in the universe. Once home to gods, it soon became a world of mortals. While some thrive with wealth and technology, others survive on little more than essential resources. But with some still able to harness the power of the gods, an ancient organisation has slowly seized control. The Mardern strive to eradicate those who threaten them, using their own power against them, enslaving the minds and bodies of the most vulnerable. But killing children in the streets, aggressive social control, propaganda, and genocide, has led to a rise in resistance.As a minority of powerful Huido emerge from the past, Dark and Powerful Ssada combine to stand against them. With the mardern pulling the strings, an ancient power struggle ensues, and history begins to play out once more.These are the stories of those involved, the tales of unfortunate heroes, the misguided villains, and everyone in between. These are The Tales of Arca.☆☆☆ Order the Paperback and get the eBook for FREE ☆☆☆Tales of Arca ©2019.
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    ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 1-0907-5113-3, 978-1-0907-5113-3