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    0495504297 - Adler/Adler: Constructions of Deviance: Social Power, Context, and Interaction, 6th Edition

    Constructions of Deviance: Social Power, Context, and Interaction, 6th Editionsearch

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    ISBN: 0495504297search bzw. 9780495504290, in Englisch, Humanities and Soc Sciences, Cengage Learning, neu.

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    iChapters, Sociology, Deviance, Packed with the most recent and relevant articles in the field, CONSTRUCTIONS OF DEVIANCE: SOCIAL POWER, CONTEXT, AND INTERACTION, Sixth Edition, shows you how to apply the concepts and theories of deviance to the world around you. The text's current, comprehensive coverage includes both theoretical analyses and ethnographic illustrations of how deviance is socially constructed, organized, and managed. Seasoned authors and award-winning professors, Patricia Adler and Peter Adler cover a wide variety of deviant acts--challenging you to see the diversity and pervasiveness of deviance in society. The text presents deviance as a component of society and examines the construction of deviance in terms of differential social power. Its unique "interactionist" or "constructionist" perspective on deviance explores the processes in society that create deviance. Ethnographic in character, the authors' intriguing selected studies focus on the experiences of deviants, the deviant-making process, and the ways in which people labeled as deviant in society react to that label. The balanced selection of readings is timely and engaging, while in-depth introduction, explanation of theory, and discussion questions after each reading guide you through the fascinating material.
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