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9780470746868 - Carlos Curtis Solari: Security in a Web 2.0+ World - Buch

Carlos Curtis Solari (?):

Security in a Web 2.0+ World (?)

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9780470746868 (?) bzw. 0470746866

, in Deutsch, Wiley, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, neu, E-Book
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A Standards-Based Approach, Discover how technology is affecting your business, and whytypical security mechanisms are failing to address the issue ofrisk and trust. Security for a Web 2.0+ World looks at the perplexing issues ofcyber security, and will be of interest to those who need to knowhow to make effective security policy decisions to engineers whodesign ICT systems - a guide to information security andstandards in the Web 2.0+ era. It provides an understanding of ITsecurity in the converged world of communications technology basedon the Internet Protocol. Many companies are currently applying security models followinglegacy policies or ad-hoc solutions. A series of new securitystandards (ISO/ITU) allow security professionals to talk a commonlanguage. By applying a common standard, security vendors are ableto create products and services that meet the challenging securitydemands of technology further diffused from the central control ofthe local area network. Companies are able to prove and show thelevel of maturity of their security solutions based on their provencompliance of the recommendations defined by the standard. Carlos Solari and his team present much needed information and abroader view on why and how to use and deploy standards. They setthe stage for a standards-based approach to design in security,driven by various factors that include securing complexinformation-communications systems, the need to drive security inproduct development, the need to better apply security funds to geta better return on investment. Security applied after complex systems are deployed is at best apatchwork fix. Concerned with what can be done now using thetechnologies and methods at our disposal, the authors set in placethe idea that security can be designed in to the complexnetworks that exist now and for those in the near future. Web 2.0is the next great promise of ICT - we still have the chanceto design in a more secure path. Time is of the essence -prevent-detect-respond!
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ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 0-470-74686-6, 978-0-470-74686-8


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