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1230000273237 - C.V. Walter: ***y Shifter Duo Pack - Buch

C.V. Walter (?):

***y Shifter Duo Pack (2014) (?)

Lieferung erfolgt aus/von: DeutschlandNeuware, neues BuchEBook, E-Book, elektronisches BuchArtikel zum herunterladen

1230000273237 (?)

, Sprache unbekannt, Aphrodite's Pearl, Aphrodite's Pearl, Aphrodite's Pearl, neu, E-Book, elektronischer Download
For the Halibut A story of friendship, devotion and need. Hal, a shape-shifting halibut, finds himself lost on the banks of a river in the Pacific Northwest. Hungry and alone, he goes in search of the friend he has lost and a way to survive. On his journey, he finds Behr and begins a relationship unlike any he's ever known. Under the Blood Moon Captured in battle, the jaguar warrior Tlacelel is brought to the temple to be offered as a sacrifice to the goddess of *** and death. The war god, however, has other plans for his favorite warrior. Once the priestesses have started their ritual and call down their goddess, things get more than a little intense and the war god decides to join them.
Kategorie: ***a
Schlüsselwörter: ***y Shifter Duo Pack C.V. Walter Adult ***a 1230000273230
Daten vom 12.01.2016 22:19h
1230000273237 - Barry Jones: Moscow Ain't Such A Bad Place - Buch

Barry Jones (?):

Moscow Ain't Such A Bad Place (2014) (?)

Lieferung erfolgt aus/von: DeutschlandNeuware, neues BuchEBook, E-Book, elektronisches BuchArtikel zum herunterladen

1230000273237 (?)

, Sprache unbekannt, ChristieBooks, ChristieBooks, ChristieBooks, neu, E-Book, elektronischer Download
Von Händler/Antiquariat
MOSCOW 1987: With Gorbachev's Soviet Union in a state of flux and uncertainty, Londoner Norman 'Nobby' Robert Jackson - amateur Classicist, fluent Russian-speaker, business consultant and blackmarketeer living comfortably in Moscow with two mistresses - is approached by a fellow British businessman to locate the 'Apsheron icon'. All is not what it seems, however. Next day 'Nobby' discovers the man brutally bludgeoned to death in his hotel room. Who has killed him, and why? Pursued to Yalta with his mistresses, he finds he has become the target for a killer. Determined to find those responsible for a series of brutal murders of friends and associates attending a British trade exhibition in Moscow, 'Nobby' finds his quest entangling him with Major Shcheglov of the Moscow Police, Grigori Vladimirovitch of the KGB, and George Trenden, head of the SIS's Soviet Desk, taking him from Yalta to Moscow, London and Devon and back to Moscow again on the trail of a mysterious and powerful international cabal conspiring to change the course of history. BARRY JONES, Moscow's own Arthur Dailey, was a scholar, raconteur and Mr Fix-it, well known for his ability to arrange almost anything in the city that he made his home town from 1976 until his expulsion - in chains - from the Russian Federation in 1998. MOSCOW AIN'T SUCH A BAD PLACE, the first of his 'Moscow' novels, is a compelling story peopled by fascinating characters, and provides a sympathetic and unique insight into the people and pattern of daily life in Moscow during the heady days of glasnost, perestroika, and the dramatic buildup to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.
Bestellnummer des Händlers: d573616a-236a-4961-a06f-c468b4ff7e4f
Bestellnummer bei der Plattform Kobobooks.de: 151411230000273234
Kategorie: Fiction & Literature
Schlüsselwörter: Moscow Ain't Such A Bad Place Barry Jones Action & Adventure Fiction & Literature 1230000273234
Daten vom 04.10.2017 22:59h


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