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1230000267144 - Anne Baxter Campbell: Once Upon. Volume 2 - A Father's Day Miracle - Buch


Once Upon Volume 2 - A Father s Day Miracle (2014) (?)

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1230000267144 (?)

, Band: 2, Sprache unbekannt, Helping Hands Press, Helping Hands Press, Helping Hands Press, neu, E-Book, elektronischer Download
A sudden death sends the Mullens family into an abrupt and vicious downward spiral that threatens Jillian's life and affects everyone around her. One of Jillian's former friends plots against her. Finances push the family nearer the brink of bankrupty. Her father contemplates suicide. A doctor worries that her catatonic state could become permanent. It will take more help than doctors and friends can provide. Is God too busy to work miracles in modern times? Because it begins to look like that is what it will take. Anne Baxter Campbell is a woman with a deep love of God and family. She calls her releases "One Step Closer" Fiction because it is always her hope that the books will take people one step closer to the Lord. She and her husband live on a ranch in north central California with one dog and one cat, occasionally interspersed with large doses of offspring. Anne is the author of The Truth Trilogy, a first-century historical romance/adventure series about Romans, Greeks, Jews, and Egyptians. Their adventures-while historically accurate-are amazingly like our own, and you might find yourself mirrored in one or more of the characters. She has also written several short stories, some in collections with other authors and some on her own. She's one of the writers in the Summer in Sweetland series (women's fiction/ romances/ mysteries set in small-town America) and in the short stories of Kathi Macias' 12 Days of Christmas (a variety of Christmas scenes set in the 12 days prior to Christmas). She's the sole author of the Once Upon Series (young adult/adult holiday fiction revolving around a family in Phoenix, Arizona). Several others are in the planning or editing stage.
Kategorie: Romance
Schlüsselwörter: Once Upon...Volume 2 - A Father's Day Miracle Anne Baxter Campbell Inspired Romance Romance 1230000267144
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