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1230000265324 - Nevil Shute: The Breaking Wave [Requiem for a WREN] - Buch

Nevil Shute (?):

The Breaking Wave [Requiem for a WREN] (2014) (?)

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1230000265324 (?)

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Von Händler/Antiquariat
There was a layer of cumulus, about seven-tenths, with tops at about five thousand feet as we came to Essendon airport; we broke out of it at two thousand and we were on the circuit downwind, with the aerodrome on our starboard wing. I sat with my eyes glued to the window looking out at Melbourne, because this was my home town and I had been away five years. The hostess touched me on the arm and drew my attention from the scene, and told me to fasten my safety belt. I had not seen the sign light up. "Sorry," I said. She smiled, and then she said quietly, "Would you like any help down the gangway, sir?" I shook my head. "I'll wait till the others are all off. I'm all right if I take my time." She nodded and moved on, courteous and efficient. I wondered how she knew that going downstairs was the tricky part; perhaps that was a feature of her training, or perhaps the hostesses on the machine from San Francisco had told her about me at Sydney. I turned back to the window to watch the approach to the runway and the landing, and I remained absorbed in the techniques till the machine came to a standstill at the terminal building and the engines came to rest. While the other passengers got off I sat at the window trying to see who was there to meet me. It was likely to be my father. I hadn't given them much notice for I had only telegraphed the time of my arrival from Sydney when I landed there the previous evening and it was barely two o'clock now; moreover they weren't expecting me for another four days and we live a hundred and twenty miles from the airport. The wing hid a good part of the enclosure but I saw nobody I knew. I wondered if I should have to go in to town to the Club and telephone home from there. I followed the last passenger down the aisle to the door, and thanked the hostesses as I passed them. I made slow time down the steps but once on the flat I was all right, of course, and walked over to the enclosure. Then I caught sight of a face I knew. It was Har
Bestellnummer des Händlers: 1cd1bd04-2b90-49f9-a1ec-2e35a9033232
Bestellnummer bei der Plattform Kobobooks.de: 294761230000265326
Kategorie: Fiction & Literature
Schlüsselwörter: The Breaking Wave [Requiem for a WREN] Nevil Shute Action & Adventure Fiction & Literature 1230000265326
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