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1230000249386 - Aryana Dark: Interracial Wife Swapping Collection - Buch

Aryana Dark (?):

Interracial Wife Swapping Collection (2014) (?)

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1230000249386 (?)

, Sprache unbekannt, DSU Publishing, DSU Publishing, DSU Publishing, neu, E-Book, elektronischer Download
The petite Molly is happily married to Jake when he introduces her to interracial cuckolding. She is hesitant at first, but her black friends Tyrone and Lakisha are perfectly suited to help her explore the kinky opportunity. The Interracial Wife Swapping Collection is for adults only! The bundle features four contemporary erotic short stories and contains a little over 23900 words. 1. The Forbidden Favor (bonus prequel story) One more task needs to be completed before Tyrone and Lakisha can get married. They both have to play their sexual wild card: perform a last unrestricted sexual act, no questions asked. Molly happens to be main subject of Tyrone's wet dreams. 2. Stripping At The Bachelor Party Molly is nothing like the typical busty strippers at the bar, yet that is the role she embraces. She seduces a group of muscular black men, Tyrone and his friends, to save the reputation of her husband. Getting turned on is one of the risks, but there's always a secluded spot behind the curtains to take care of business. 3. Kinky Wedding Night Confessions A daring kiss is what starts everything. Molly should have known Jake would be visibly aroused during the wedding ceremony. Being invited to the wedding night does strange things to a person. The elevator breaking down doesn't help, especially when Lakisha promises to swallow all evidence of kinky adventures in the enclosed space. 4. Honeymoon Swingers In Heat An oily massage, a lost sex tape, and a horny Asian couple are the highlights of the daring honeymoon. Tyrone and Lakisha couldn't have imagined a better experience. Jake and Molly share in the joy and show there are many options for those yearning to have some kinky interracial sex.
Kategorie: Erotica
Schlüsselwörter: Interracial Wife Swapping Collection Aryana Dark Adult Erotica 1230000249389
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