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9789646994553 - Rumi: Words of Paradise (Nagmehaye Behesht)
Rumi (?):

Words of Paradise (Nagmehaye Behesht) (2007) (?)

ISBN: 9789646994553 (?) bzw. 9646994555, in Englisch, 135 Seiten, Nazar Research & Cultural Institute, Taschenbuch, neu

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Von Händler/Antiquariat, Amazing Books Inc
Generally referred to as Rumi, but known to Iranians as Maulavi, Maulana Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi (henceforth Rumi) was born in Balkh, in present-day Afghanistan, in 1207. At the time Balkh was one of the major centers of mysticism. Rumi's interest in mysticism came much later, after his family had moved to Konya (present-day Turkey). In 1244, Rumi became acquainted with a wandering Sufi dervish known as Shams of Tabriz (in Persian Shams-e Tabrizi). It is said that in Shams Rumi beheld "a pure reflection of Allah," and was thus inspired to write some of his most famous verses. This book presents selections from the Divan of Shams of Tabriz as well as the Masnavi, two of Rumi's best-known works. It is an excellent introduction to Rumi's poetry, with text in the original Persian and English translations. It is illustrated with Persian miniatures. Paperback, Label: Nazar Research & Cultural Institute, Nazar Research & Cultural Institute, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2007, Studio: Nazar Research & Cultural Institute, Verkaufsrang: 16119891
Bestellnummer bei der Plattform bzRi3l2dbvfjQiagBNqnrZshXST9Hh jH4hci1PFu6xB9k84Ik%2FYA5rNxTJ 0NaPy7I11JTjtkGqvQPzhnXxKghMPl OQsJ9%2FSmJsQR0HWnZzUeeeuZJBpD ZXjNqk7yFdJoqfwzsC4jvLKWFTtfB3 gfx%2BO6yOuBB3Mg
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ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 964-6994-55-5, 978-964-6994-55-3
9646994555 - Nazar Research and Cultural Institute  : Words of Paradise Rumi
Nazar Research and Cultural Institute (?):

Words of Paradise Rumi (2007) (?)

ISBN: 9646994555 (?) bzw. 9789646994553, in Deutsch, Tehran : Nazar Printing & Publishing Cultural & Research Institute, Taschenbuch, gebraucht

31,90 + Versand: 3,00 = 34,90(unverbindlich)
Von Händler/Antiquariat, Theologica, 74582 Gerabronn
: first edition : in persischer und englischer Sprache : ISBN 9789646994553 : 8 Octav : 21,0 cm : Softcover : 134 Seiten : Broschiert NEUBUCH Rumi. Naghmeha-yi Behesht (Words of Paradise). Poetry, 135 pages, col. Ill., 20 cm. Selected poems from the Divan of Shams of Tabrizi and the Masnavi. Tehran: Nazar Research & Cultural Institute, 2007. 1st Of all the Persian poets, Mevlana Jalal-e-Din Mohammad Mevlavi Balkhi Rumi (1207-1273) is the most popular and widely read in North America. Born in the Persian Empire city of Balkh (now in Afghanistan), Rumi's family fled the invading Mongol hordes and emigrated to the city of Konya, in what is now Turkey. Rumi became a scholar and theologian, spending his days teaching or studying the great mystics such as Attar. Around the year 1244, a wandering Sufi dervish known as Shams Tabrizi came to the city. For several years afterwards, he and Rumi would spend a great deal of time together. Eventually, Shams left Konya and never returned, though the exact circumstances are unclear (some say Rumi's disciples, angered by the loss of their teacher to the dervish's company, murdered Shams, while others say Rumi's son murdered Shams out of jealousy). It is known that Shams' disappearance led to some of Rumi's most inspired poetry, which is widely read and treasured to this day. The relationship between the two has also been the inspiration for much Persian music and art. His poems have been set to music and are widely performed throughout the world. In addition, calligraphers such as Farahani and painters such as Farshchian have created great works of art in their own rights. 9646994555, gebraucht; sehr gut
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ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 964-6994-55-5, 978-964-6994-55-3
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