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9788269166408 - Robotics as Robotics as: for kids
Robotics as Robotics as

for kids

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ISBN: 9788269166408 bzw. 8269166405, in Englisch, Robotics as, gebundenes Buch, neu.

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Scratch 3.0 - Beginner, Writing code is an art just like drawing, painting or writing a poem. Using the right tools and creative thinking you can create marvels. The primary goal of this book is to provide such tools to the children. It is like putting the seeds of creative thinking into the minds of children. The book will guide you, step by step, through writing some simple programs. Computer programming is an important skill for future generations, and this is the first and most crucial step into the world of robotics and automation. In this book, we will use Scratch as a programming language. This the first step in learning computer programming. Scratch is a block-based visual educational programming language primarily made for children to learn to program creatively. Scratch is designed primarily for ages 8 to 16, but children of age six can also use it with little help from their parents. This book is divided into two parts, for beginners and advanced users. These two parts give an excellent understanding, logic and solid foundation for the concepts we will be using in robotics and automation. Very complex programs can be made by merely joining code blocks in Scratch. These code blocks fit together like Lego. There are no boundaries to what you can create by using Scratch. We will try to make some animations and create simple games in this book using Scratch 3.0. The book will explain everything in a way which is easy to understand for a child. Children can take help from parents in the beginning if they find some part of the book is difficult to understand. All the programs in this book are tested on the latest versions available while releasing this book.
9788269166408 - Robotics As: for kids, Scratch 3.0 - Beginner
Robotics As

for kids, Scratch 3.0 - Beginner

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ISBN: 9788269166408 bzw. 8269166405, vermutlich in Englisch, Robotics As, gebundenes Buch, neu.

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