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Manufacturing of Concrete Products and Precast Elements - Processes and Equipment
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9783764005573 - Helmut Kuch: Manufacturing of Concrete Products and Precast Elements - Processes and Equipment
Helmut Kuch (?):

Manufacturing of Concrete Products and Precast Elements - Processes and Equipment (?)

ISBN: 9783764005573 (?) bzw. 3764005572, in Deutsch, Bau & Technik, neu, E-Book, elektronischer Download

Von Händler/Antiquariat
Manufacturing of Concrete Products and Precast Elements: InhaltsangabeForewordIntroduction1 Basic Principles 1.1 Process Fundamentals1.1.1 Production Process 1.1.2 Components Determining the Structure of the Production Process1.1.3 Processes for the Industrial Manufacturing of Concrete Products1.1.4 Processing Behaviour of Concrete1.1.5 Process Parameters 1.2 Fundamentals of Materials 1.2.1 Raw Materials for the Production of the Concrete Mix 1.2.2 Concrete Mix Design and Composition 1.2.3 Concrete Properties 1.3 Product Fundamentals 1.3.1 Concrete Products 1.3.2 Requirements Relating to Product Characteristics andTesting Methods 1.3.3 Evaluation of Conformity 1.4 Fundamentals of Plant and Equipment 1.4.1 Vibration Exciter Systems 1.4.2 Research and Development 2 Production of the Concrete Mix 2.1 Mixing Facilities 2.1.1 Star-shaped Systems 2.1.2 Serial Systems2.1.3 Tower Systems 72.2 Mixers2.2.1 Pan Mixers2.2.2 Open-top Mixers 2.3 Quality Control2.3.1 Assessment of the Mixing Quality 2.3.2 Moisture Measurement2.3.3 Mixer Control3 Production of Small Concrete Products Overview3.2 Block Machines3.2.1 Technological Line 3.2.2 Configuration of Block Machines 3.2.4 Quality Control 3.3 Egg Layers3.3.1 Scope of Use3.3.2 Configuration and Mode of Operation3.4 Slab Moulding Machines3.4.1 Scope of Use3.4.2 Configuration and Mode of Operation3.5 Production of Concrete Roof Tiles 3.5.1 Casting Process 3.5.2 Extrusion Process3.5.3 Quality Control3.6 Finishing and Post-treatment 3.6.1 Finishing of Fresh Products3.6.2 Finishing of Hardened Products3.7 Selection Criteria 4 Production of Concrete Pipes and Manholes4.1 Production Process 4.2 Fabrication of Reinforcement 4.3 Pipe Machines with a Stationary Core 4.4 Pipe Machines with a Rising Core4.5 Roller-head Process 4.6 Wet-cast Process 4.7 Production of Manhole Rings and Bases4.8 Curing and Pipe Testing 4.9 Quality Control, Characteristics of Defects4.9.1 Typical Pipe Defects and their Causes4.9.2 In-Process Quality Control 4.10 Selection Criteria 5 Production of Precast Elements5.1 Overview5.2 Basic Structure of Production Systems 5.3 Carousel Production 5.3.1 Basic Structure5.3.2 Subsystems5.3.3 Complete Production Lines using the Carousel Principle 5.4 Stationary Production5.4.1 Basic Structures 5.4.2 Subsystems5.4.3 Complete Lines for Stationary Production 5.5 Combined Production 5.6 Curing and Finishing 5.6.1 Curing Systems 5.6.2 Finishing 5.7 Quality Control5.7.1 Design of Vibration Moulds 5.7.2, Englisch, Ebook
9783764005573 - Manufacturing of Concrete Products and Precast Elements

Manufacturing of Concrete Products and Precast Elements (?)

ISBN: 9783764005573 (?) bzw. 3764005572, in Deutsch, Verlag Bau+Technik, neu

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Von Händler/Antiquariat
2013, 267 Seiten, Englisch, The flexible use of prefabricated concrete products requires a continuously increasing diversity with regard to fresh concrete mix designs and properties, moulding processes, surface finishes and product characteristics.This trend imposes ever-higher requirements on manufacturers of the associated production equipment and on precast plants. The main goal is to implement a flexible production system in all processing stages. The relevant correlations and interactions need to be thoroughly considered and evaluated in order to ensure that concrete products and precast elements are manufactured to the required quality standard.To date, no comprehensive description of these correlations has been published in the relevant literature. This richly illustrated book closes the gap by describing the basic principles of the production processes, the fundamentals of materials, the composition of the concrete mix, and the equipment used for concrete production. Clearly arranged chapters detail the producti
9783764005573 - Kuch, Helmut;Schwabe, Jörg-Henry;Palzer, Ulrich: Manufacturing of Concrete Products and Precast Elements
Kuch, Helmut;Schwabe, Jörg-Henry;Palzer, Ulrich (?):

Manufacturing of Concrete Products and Precast Elements (?)

ISBN: 9783764005573 (?) bzw. 3764005572, in Deutsch, neu, E-Book, elektronischer Download

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Von Händler/Antiquariat
Processes and Equipment, Processes and Equipment