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9781442222595 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers: Rivals for Power - Buch
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (?):

Rivals for Power (?)

ISBN: 9781442222595 (?) bzw. 144222259X, in Deutsch, neu, E-Book

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Von Händler/Antiquariat
Presidential-Congressional Relations, In our current age of unprecedented political polarization, nothing has been more strained by partisanship than the relationship between our President and the Congress with which he must deal. Now in its fifth edition, Rivals for Power: Presidential-Congressional Relations provides students an unmatched level of insight into the relationship between the executive and legislative branches of our federal government. Edited by James A. Thurber, this new edition includes 11 new chapters by leading scholars, journalists, and former public officials detailing previously unexplored aspects of the necessary rivalry upon which our nation's governing philosophy was founded centuries ago. In addition to thorough analyses of the causes of macro-level governmental conflict throughout our history, the book highlights many specific points of contention from President Obama's first term from the Dodd-Frank Act, to the ';Fast and Furious' gunrunning scandal, to the ongoing battles surrounding the Affordable Care Act and its implementation as examples of how power, no matter how concentrated or sweeping, is ultimately checked and balanced by our democracy. Students and policy makers alike will find this book a valuable contribution to their understanding of the current state of federal power, and the narrative the historical origins of how America's fundamental rivalry has arrived at its present state.
Bestellnummer des Händlers: 36886100
Bestellnummer bei der Plattform a4d79503fd91ab1357494a23faf54d a2
Kategorie: eBooks / Fachbücher / Politikwissenschaft
Schlüsselwörter: eBooks
Daten vom 05.07.2016 12:11h
ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 1-4422-2259-X, 978-1-4422-2259-5


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